The History of Lakeway Chevron-Texaco


Photo’s of the original Lakeway Texaco in 1962. At that time it was Mike Krantz’s grand opening and it was called Mike’s Texaco Service.

You can see directly across Ellis St. at the old St. Luke’s Hospital. The building still stands but is no longer a hospital.

Looking across Lakeway Dr. at the intersection of Lakeway and Ellis St., you can see the old laundromat, now Super Supplements. Also you can see the old Esso service station, now City Dogs Grooming. Note the stop sign at Lakeway & Ellis St.

A photo of Lakeway Texaco taken in the mid 1980’s. Note the diesel price sign .89 cents a gallon. Times have changed.

A photo of Lakeway Texaco taken in the 1993 after the remodel to convenience store.

Texaco fuel tanker delivering fuel at Lakeway Texaco in the mid 1980’s.

Lakeway Texaco in the late 2000
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